Anarchy in my House

In the last two days my youngest boys (child Daniel, 3 and dog Ben, 1) have tested my patience to the uppermost limit.

Firstly of all, Ben lured us into a false sense of security by being a very good doggy indeed so we started to leave him out of his crate when we weren't home. He got us so convinced that we left him alone for two whole hours, during which he:
  • Emptied the trash bin and dragged the contents all over the living room carpet
  • Did the same thing with the recycle bin
  • Chewed the kid's toys
  • Pooped and peed in the living room
  • Ate the entire contents of a HUGE bag of Cody's soft bacon treats
This resulted in a severely bollocked dog and six piles of bright red dog poo that needed picking up the next day. Back in the crate he goes.

Daniel also led me to believe the last two weeks that school was going swimmingly. I have been telling all my friends at the park how he's turned a corner and that loves school now and his teachers are pleased with him. Humph! This morning Mrs J told me he:
  • Refused to leave the gym
  • Refused to come away from the drink fountain
  • Refused to sit on the carpet at story time
  • Then he had such a fit when I picked him up and told him off that he spat on the sidewalk on the way to the car. In front of other parents! The shame!
So he is banned from toys, the park and sweets until he's twenty one at least.


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