Tuesday, May 01, 2012

More Dog Shenanigans

I should rename this blog "Life with our Mental Dog".

Yesterday evening while I was in the kitchen and the boys & dogs were in the back garden playing I heard a lady scream "arghh get away!", followed by Jack shouting "Ben, no!" and I looked out of the kitchen window to see that Ben had jumped the fence and was running full-pelt at some woman and her small dog. I ran as fast as I could out the front door and into the street to get him. The poor woman was shaking and told me she'd thrown water on him to stop him getting close. Ben was cowering under our tree in the front garden. Not sure if he was cowering from the water or from the murderous look on my face. I know he wouldn't have done anything to her other than run up and wag his tail but she didn't know that. If I had a big dog charging at me I'd crap my pants too. So he's in big trouble. AGAIN.

Craig wants to get an invisible fence and collar for him so that he gets zapped when he goes near the fence. Friends of ours used that system and they said it cured their dog of leaving their property pretty quick. It's just more cost and more hassle to deal with. Bloody nuisance hound. On the bright side he's been left out of his crate for 2 weeks now with only 1 minor incident so maybe we can take him off the Prozak. And we got a furminator brush so the mounds of black fur are more manageable.

Is it all worth it, I hear you ask. Well yes it is. When he crawls up on my knee each evening, puts his paws around my neck and snuggles up then all is forgiven. And what's not to love about a dog that goes into the boys room each morning, leans over their bed and licks them awake.

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