A New Woofer?

Good grief what a busy week. I'm getting ready to teach but Linda's off on vacation so I'm working from home. It's the last week of summer hols for the boys so I'm trying to make it special, but also doing stuff for the PTA and also following that crime watch page which is definitely not a good thing. If I had no idea all this crime was taking place in my neighbourhood I'd be much happier. But now I know it is and I can track it on a Facebook page I can't help myself.

So, changing the subject, here's a cute dog. A 2-year old, 75 lb Chesapeake Retriever mix to be exact. Loves kids and dogs and might stop my dog Ben wrecking my house with loneliness. Could possibly be the best of doggy friends and I might have some furniture left.  Looks like he eats a lot though doesn't he, and Craig's already told me that I have to pick his ginormous poo up. UGH!  I just nodded demurely and vowed silently to make him do it. ;)

The dog rescue place told me today that my vet won't release any info about Ben without my consent and the rescue place needs to know that his shots are current and he's neutered. I'll call my vet in the morning but will ask them not to spill the beans on Ben's Prozac episode, the chewing phase and the general psycho behaviour. Wouldn't want to give the wrong impression of my family! ha ha ha.
And then if we pass all their tests we'll meet him, which is the next step.  I hope we (Ben) like him.
Step 3 will be handing over a wad of cash.
Step 4 is usually buyer's remorse a week later, but then they grow on you and become part of the crazy family and you can't imagine life without them. :)

Let's see how this thing pans out Mr. Handsome....


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