Jack & Coco

Day 3 with Coco and only a couple of accidents in the house to talk of. Her and Ben play like mad all day long and she gets exhausted. Last night Ben tried to mess with her while she was fast asleep and she gave him what for!  I think she's grumpy when she's tired.

Lapping up the attention that a puppy brings
She is not grumpy with Jack and adores him. He carries her about and walks her at the park and just plays with her all day long. He feeds her and calls out "come on Coco!" everywhere he goes. It's so cute. Ben jumped up on the kitchen counter this afternoon and ate all her prescription food. That wasn't cute.  He's such a good boy at heart though he really is so we're making sure he doesn't feel left out.

Friends at the park. (me messing about with the Instagram app)

Speed demon

Tired out pooches
Talking of tired out, both  boys were asleep by 8.45pm tonight! That hasn't happened since May. I was almost at a loss as to what to do with myself until bed time. But I'm determined to get the kids to bed at the same time now as school starts tomorrow. Tomorrow Jack will be a first grader! Ack!


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