One of Those (pms) Nights

I should probably start this post by saying that this is the week I usually turn into the woman who shouldn't be crossed so I apologise if I seem a bit scary.  PMS definitely gets worse as you get older.

After un-subscribing from several people on Facebook I decided that it would be nice to go to the library and then grocery shopping with my boys tonight, leaving Craig at home to get some stuff done. The library wasn't too bad but the trip to the supermarket was horrendous. One the way in I got pestered by a woman saying she was from a charity and asking me for money. She wasn't by the shop door - she was out roaming the parking lot so I said no and she made some comment about my kids being cute which made me mad. I'm not keen on strangers making over-friendly comments about my kids (did I mention I have PMS?)  Then in the shop, Jack wanted me to buy him everything and it is tiring saying no, no, no, no, no for 30 minutes and Danny kept climbing out of the cart. The usual hi jinks.
On the way back out to my car with boisterous kids and a cart full of shopping the same woman pestered me again and we had this exchange:
me - I already told you no.
her - God bless you then, cute kids
me - silence
her - I said God bless you, what's your problem?
me - I don't want to take my kids shopping and get solicited on the parking lot
her - blah blah blah
By this point I'm in my car and the damn thing stalled when I started it and she laughed at me. Damn the car! Why couldn't I have made an elegant exit instead of having her cackling at me. Thankfully my car did start and I gave her a rather unceremonious finger as I pulled away.
Then I got home and wrestled shopping bags and bags full of library books into the house while there's a police helicopter circling over the house and the kids start playing up and screaming.
Craig looks at me and says - glass of wine honey?
me - why yes, yes I will. For once, during PMS week, my hubby got it 100% right :)


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