Welcome Coco!

The Chesapeake Retriever we applied to rescue got adopted by a lady at the rescue place where he was being taken care of, so we started looking for a  dog again this weekend. Mistake number one was going on Craigslist. Mistake for two reasons (1) It upsets me how many people are getting rid of their pets with the most pathetic excuses, and (2) People on that website are either crazy, or greedy or both. One woman who was moving and trying to offload her dog wanted to me pay vet bills and a $100 re-homing fee. Nice.

Today we went to our local pound and found this little girl, Coco. She's only 7 months old but been returned to the pound 3 times already. I cannot imagine why, unless she turns into Beelzebub and tries to rip my throat out while I'm sleeping tonight. ha ha ha. She does have a bladder infection right now so is on meds and will probably need to eat prescription (expensive) dog food from now on. Maybe that put people off. She's had one little accident in the house but her and Ben have played like crazy. She snapped at him tonight but I think she's exhausted. What a days she's had - being handled by so many (she's cute and was popular at the pound till they saw her report card) and then coming home with us. I hope she works out. After what we went through with Ben, she'll have to do something pretty extreme for us to take her back for a FOURTH time! Bless her heart.

Jack is obsessed with her and she seems pretty smitten with him

Playing tug-o-war with Ben

The end of a crazy day for this little girl


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