Our Weekend Mish-Mash

Friday afternoon our vet said that Coco is 100% healthy and doesn't need prescription food - yea!

Then our English friend Maureen came over for a cook-out and we had a great time. I love her. I need my English friends (love my American ones too of course but I like to chat about Old Blighty).

Yesterday Craig cleaned his Jeep Liberty so he can sell it and buy a truck. He's going to the auctions tomorrow with our old friend Christ  - remember him? 

Yesterday I also took the boys with me to wash my car then we went to the pound to buy dog toys as they have a great shop MUCH cheaper than other places. A worker came in and asked me how Coco was doing - she said they have been crossing their fingers all week that she wasn't brought back again. I told her she's found her forever home and that we love her. She's Jack's best friend.  The people that kept taking her back are the ones that need to be caged (I didn't say that obviously or they'd have banned me and seeing as I'm thinking of me and Jack volunteering that wouldn't be a great idea).

Then we went to the pool but left after an hour as Jack barfed in front of the Life Guard station (5 small bottles of chocolate milk will do that)

Last night we went to our friends Julie & Mike for a cook-out and when we got home we watched the 2nd half of Hunger Games (we watched the first half Friday but were too knackered to stay up). Anyway, fabulous film. Loved it!!

I can't believe Neil Armstrong died! What a legend. Since my early twenties I've loved all there is to know about flight and exploration. It was a sad day.

Today was a good day. Very warm and sunny (90 I think). We took the dogs to our local park for a big walk. Two things stand out from the walk - firstly, there was a young girl bragging loudly about her dog being a German Shepherd/wolf mix and she didn't have a leash on him and he didn't look friendly. I wish it was legal to get hold of a person like that and shake some sense in to them. And I must remember to take mace out with us next time (Craig does carry a hunting knife but mace would be good too I think if a big nasty dog came a charging). Second, we walked up a steep incline, oh, about 60 ft high and I was so knackered by the time I got to the top I pretended I was checking my phone when I fact I was gulping for air. I need to exercise more!

This afternoon I took the boys to a 7 year old's birthday party (great friends, happy times) then we went swimming. It's the last weekend at the pool next weekend. I can't believe summer is coming to an end!!


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