Time to Block Two Muppets

Bradley Wiggins: As English as Crumpets!
I have got to start blocking people on Facebook, even though the thought makes me feel bad. Two 'friends" of mine have been really bugging me all day.

One keeps going on about Bradley Wiggins being Belgian.  Yes, he was born in Belgium before moving at age TWO and living his entire life in England. His mum is English, his family are English. He's even got a ridiculously English name, though not as quintessential as Benedict Cumberbatch. So you see he's English and therefore on Team GB. Get a grip!

The other keeps posting about how great it is eating at Chick-fil-A all day today. He keeps announcing over and over about supporting them and eating there. Why you would advertise being a raging homophobe so loud and so often baffles me.

So you see both of them have stressed me out today. Time to block them I think.


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