Big Day for a First Grader

Just a quickie tonight (oh er missus!) as I have lots to do before bed.
It was a big day for Jack today. It was his first day in First Grade, which I think would be the same as Year 2 in England (he's 6 anyway, so you can work it out). He gets his own desk and the school work will be ramped up a bit. His teacher, Mrs S., was called up to jury duty, so a sub was there. That was a bit of a let-down for me but he said he had a great day and that's what counts
First Grader!
After dropping Jack at school we bumped into Danny's pre-school teacher and he hid behind my legs to avoid her, but then said to me when we walked away "I love my teacher". I wonder how that day is going to do down when I have to drop him off at pre-school. Lordy lordy.  Tonight in the car I asked Jack if he missed Daniel today and he said yes. I said Danny missed you too, didn't you love? And Daniel said "No". Little bugger.

Tonight was Jack's first soccer practice and he didn't give it his best effort but I think he was tired. It's been a long day for all of us.

Soccer Practice (pic stolen from Heather)
I start teaching again tomorrow, so I have that nervous but excited feeling. No doubt I'll have my usual pre-teaching dream tonight where I show up to class unprepared, late, and completely naked.  I'm not kidding!  ha ha ha


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