Our 16th Anniversary

My Craigy
This is a bit sappy, sorry. It's my 16th anniversary today and I wanted to just share how much I love this man. Even though we told each other we wouldn't make a fuss this year he got me a dozen roses and a funny card. We're having a cook-out tonight too.

Sixteen years have flown by but it also seems like we've accomplished so much in that time. We've come a log way since arriving in America with just two bags each in 1999. Now I barely have room in my garage for all the junk! Where does it all come from?And of course we have the two boys. There isn't a day goes by that I don't look at them and know how fortunate we are to have two healthy, happy kids.

My mum & Tom sent a card and she wrote "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it - it works!". I don't really know what we're doing! ha ha ha. I do know that being 2,000 miles from all of our family in England has definitely made us stick together more, made us closer like we share a common history and bond. We like to do the same things and we have the same toilet humour and we share the same views on politics and religion - I think that's very important. I will ignore the fact that he supports Manchester United of course.

I think I definitely get the better deal. He puts up with my monthly shenanigans and I do have a tendency to talk too much and get a bit crazy over the kids. I hope that makes his life more interesting and not too stressful! So Happy Anniversary Craig. Love you. x


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