Pools & Tats

It's been a great weekend so far. I finally talked to my mum and finally got a bit of grass seed out in the back garden. My poor lawn is showing the effects of severe drought, dog pee and 2 kids playing. "Crispy" is probably the word to describe it right now.

We went swimming last night and today and we both said for the 1,000th time that it's been the best thing we could of done, getting membership to the place. All four of us love it and the boys' swimming ability has just got better and better. I wish I was better at it all. I can swim but don't like to put my head under - I have panic attacks actually and have convinced myself I must have drowned in a previous life.

Nice handstand Jack! Just don't ask mummy to do it. 
We got our rain barrel set up today and I'm so excited about it (the top is temp. till we get a better cover). The plan now will be to make sure mosquitoes don't get in there because they have been terrible this summer. But if it ever rains (seriously - we have a nasty drought at the minute) then we are going to be able to catch it and use it to water plants. Also, a friend told me that washing my hair in rain water will make my hair feel wonderful. Can't wait to try it out!

Just looking at it makes me feel like an Earth Goddess!  
Not much else to report - we are all happy & healthy, watching the Olympics like everyone else. My 3 Pam upgrades are slow in coming (haircut, tattoo, weight loss). I am thinking constantly about the tat. I want it to mean something without being cheesy.  This seems really really classy though  - no? ..

Talking of tattoos - Lady Gaga's  friend is completely covered in them and he took part in a commercial that shows what he looked like before he had them. I think it's interesting so thought I'd share it.


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