Weekend Pix & Books

I had hoped to sit down tonight and write a post but I am knackered. Today we went hiking with Ben, then swimming, then to a party for a friend. Now we are home, the boys are zonked out in bed and I can barely muster the energy to upload a few pictures. But what a great day we had!

Cheeky Speedster

Little champion bike-rider

Hiking at a local park

Future Olympiad?

Two things to add - Ben had started weeing in the front room when we are gone. And damn it our carpet steamer just broke. Murphy's Law at its finest. HOW do I stop that?

 And I finished Code Name Verity and had a little cry at the end. What a great book. Next up it's  1493 by Charles C Mann. Also, I am 455th on the reserve wait-list for Gone Girl at my library and I still have my Johnny Cash bio to finish.


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