15 Month Update from the Doc

Here's Jack's 15 month statistics:

Weight = 23 lb 12 oz (only 6 oz heavier than his 12 month appointment), putting him in the 40th percentile

Height = 32.25 inches which puts him in the 80% percentile

So, that means he's a lanky lad.

Instructions to me & Craig from the Doc includes feeding him what we eat (oh dear) and stopping the bottle (oh crap). He also said Jack's a tad too skinny, possibly because he drinks too much water which makes him full and burn loads of calories. So only 4-8 ounces of water a day and 8-12 oz milk.

Tonight we tried for the first time to put him down without his bottle and he was upset for an hour. I was sat doing work at my desk and he was crying "mamaaaaa!" it was gut-wrenching. Even now (10.50pm) he keeps waking. We just can't do this cold turkey. We'll take away one at a time (bed, morning, day) with the bedtime one obviously first. I think we're in for a long week...


Gina B said…
not that i know anything, but instead of the actual bottle, can't you try a sippy cup in place of it... to me i would think the doc is just trying to get you to rid the actual nipple right? and I hope you are taking good notes, for one day i hope to be a mommy and will no nothing1
Emily said…
Hey Pam,

Man, I totally feel for you, that's a tough one. I did what Gina said, which is give a sippy cup full of milk, and then brush her teeth before bed. My doc said that was ok. But it still may be a difficult adjustment, and it sounds like your doc wants you to cut down on the total milk input, so I don't know. Poor baby, it's gonna be a rough week for everyone. :(
Hey guys,
Yup, it's been a hard week! We give him a sippy cup of milk but he doesn't really drink too much because he was used to going to bed with a bottle (bad habit we started). This morning he woke at 4.30am and WOULD NOT QUIT till I fed him at 5.40am. Ho hum...

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