Something to REALLY Smile About

We have BIG news today - Craig just got a new job! He is now "Systems Manager" at the University.

This is a huge promotion for him, including a pay raise and all kinds of job benefits. If he was to have his dream job this would be it, so he's been grinning like this all day.

Official start date is in a few weeks and he can't wait. Neither can I.

My husband has worked really hard all of his life for a job like this and now it's here. And he deserves it. When I met him in 95 he worked for Royal Mail (Post Office) and had a laugh with his mates but hated the job. When we came to the States he got a job working for a small company that installed phones and he's moved up from there. For the last eight years he's done hard physical work and gradually got better and better jobs & certification in cabling and computer networking. So right now he's reached his career goal and he's happy!

I'm so proud of him and so happy for him too.


Fredsueand me said…
well done craig, fabulous news, you deserve it mate.
Emily said…
I'm soooooo excited for you both! Drinks all around!!

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