Ramblings from Pammy on a Saturday

This post is going to be a jumble of things I've wanted to get on here for the last few days but not been able to have the time till today, so here goes...

Here's Tsegga - Jack's new caregiver. Went today to drop off pack-n-play etc. and all my fears were settled again. It all starts Monday!

Imagine being so light you can use a balloon as a chair! Mine would have to be made from commercial-grade rubber


Emily tagged me for a meme on "6 habits I have", so:

  1. I have no sense of direction and get lost all the time. Craig says he's amazed I make it home each night.
  2. I can't cook, and I have no desire to learn. I am not fussy about what I eat but I'm unbelievably fussy about table manners. I cannot abide people sharing food (especially sloppy food), chewing food with their mouth open , or burping at the table. I am anal about this (inherited from my mum).
  3. I LOVE gardening & reading.
  4. Craig said I have an uncanny knack of knowing how to make Jack laugh
  5. I can't tie my shoelaces properly and even though I'm right-handed, I eat left-handed (inherited from my dad)
  6. I am horribly impatient and I have a quick temper - two things I don't want Jack to inherit

Emily - the line stops here mate. All my friends are Facebookers, not bloggers. Please tag me again sometime though!


Yesterday I went to see Barack Obama. I can't vote and this won't be a personal political rambling but I would like to say that he was extremely charismatic (and handsome) and I liked his views. My friend told me about the Minnesota Public Radio quiz that you can take and it tells you which 2008 presidential candidate most fits your views. I thought it was an interesting thing so I did it. Click HERE for the link to it. Oh, and my quiz candidate wasn't Obama, but a rather sharp blonde woman.


Finally, Jack's talking up a storm. A six-pack to the first person who tells me what he says in this video...

Thanks for reading such a lengthy blog, and GO BUCKS!


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