Another Gem from CraigsList

I took a last-minute vacation day today to try and get some yard work done. I did get a lot accomplished but spent some time sat at my computer trying to cool down - would you believe it's still stinky HOT here. I did my usual reccy of kids stuff on CraigsList and look what I found. A battery-powered JEEP! For a FIVER!

I couldn't wait for Jack to get home and I was dancing like a schoolgirl with excitement when I showed it to him. He yelped and ran over to clamber in it, and then...

Something tells me Jack likes it

Ooooo, buttons and switches and pedals


Doors open, windscreen wipers work, this car is awesome!

What a phone face!

PLEASE don't think he's going to be spoiled. It cost a fiver and it doesn't even run (battery is wrong size). Anyway, he loves it and I'm sure he'll have it a few years.

Hey - it's a mum's prerogative to buy her child fun stuff!


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