Everyone is doing it

My mate Emily just told me that November is designated NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), which means you post a blog EVERY DAY for the month of November. She's going to do it and so is her friend, Kelsey. So, I'm going to do it too. And I'll try to make it short, sweet and interesting.

Message to England: LEE & SUE - PLEASE do it too. You haven't posted for 4 months - that's not a blog! Captain Scott left behind more correspondence from his ice mound in Antarctica after starving & freezing to death over the same period of time. Come on peeps, I need pictures of Noah!

This shouldn't be too hard I hope. I'm trying to navigate Facebook and that's a daily thing.

If I get stuck for topics I can always start on toilet humour. And I'll post lots of pictures of the little fella in the house.


Fredsueand me said…
i know iam slack, i genuinly cant be arsed though and i know thats bad because you all love to see pics of noah and find out whats been going on, but iam too lazy. i sit at the computer and it takes me hours to write the simplest things, then my pics are all enormous files that take 3 hours each to upload and dont get me started on uploading vids to youtube. I must start again though, the reason i havent done it is because i missed so much stuff and didnt know where to start. I wont be doing one a day through november but will aim for one a week, hows that. i could have documented our wedding plans traumas this week, that would have made interesting reading (a bit too oprah winfrey though). Have just reolised what a rant that was, i should explain that its 4.30am now and iam coming to the end of a night shift. Ta ta.

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