Halloween House

It's official - I have joined the brigade of crazy women that decorate their houses for Halloween & Christmas.
I'll admit here that I've always secretly wanted to do this stuff but thought it was cheesy and I would (quite rightly) be ridiculed by my friends. For example, yesterday when Gina called me I was in "Big Lots" looking at polystyrene headstones. Having Jack gives me a great excuse to fullfill my secret desire to be tacky!

So, from now on expect pictures of my house decorations. As you can see in the picture, the sign on my door says "warning - low flying witches" and I have a plastic skeleton hanging off my house number.

I promise promise promise that I will NOT start wearing holiday jumpers or cardies!

Finally, I'm still deciding on Jack's costume for this year. Last year he was an astronaut. I want to make something again but after last year I know it has to be something without a hat, so that rules out a lot. Ideas please!


Gina B said…
Just do NOT get out of control.. i know places like Big Lots can be very tempting for crap like that! A little decoration can go a long way...

love you

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