Wednesday, October 17, 2007

5 Things About Jack the Lad

Five things we want to remember about Jack this week:

1. In the bath, he puts a rubber duck or any bath toy in his mouth and I try and take it from him. If I get it, I spit it back out into the bath with a big splash and he bursts out laughing

2. He gives kisses voluntarily and says "bye" when we drop him at child care

3. We say "O-H" and he says "AH_DO" (should be "I-O" but we'll beat it into him eventually - JOKING!)

4. He can now sit on the couch with us and look at books for a few minutes before charging off to conquer the world again. His favourite books right now are Thomas, Elmo, and Ten Wiggly Caterpillars.

5. He's getting used to his new bedtime routine slowly and we're trying to make it better without backing down and going back to the "bottle in bed" routine. Tonight instead of taking his empty sippy cup off him and laying him down in his crib, which incites raptuous crying, I let him keep it for a minute while I talked softly to him and then I took it and walked out slowly. He still mooched for about 10 minutes but it's better than having him cry. The sound of your child crying has to be the most stressful noise in the world.

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Kelsey said...

What a cutie! Thanks for saying hello on my blog.

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