Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bonkers for Conkers

Yesterday was a great day for our sports teams. Firstly, England beat France in the Rugby World Cup semi-final, which means we will now play South Africa next Saturday in the final. If England win, they will be the first team ever to defend their title. Next, the England soccer team beat Estonia in a Euro 2008 qualifying round. They will now play Russia on Wednesday. And, if those two games were not wonderful enough, The Buckeyes won yesterday and LSU and California lost so the Bucks are ranked number 1 in the country today! Unbelievable.
I also saw that England beat France in the World Conker Championships this weekend. He he he, bloody marvelous!

As a sidenote, Craig found this optical illusion last night on "StumbleUpon" - a personal search engine we both love. He printed off a picture of a dragon and made it into a little paper model. This dragon WATCHES YOU wherever you go. Don't believe me? Watch the video. If you are as easily impressed as me & Craig and would like to make your own, click HERE. We loved it so much we made two!


Emily said...

That's hilarious, Pam! I love your little giggle in the background as you are getting such a kick out of it!

Skully said...

I am soooooo making one of those dragons!! Lovin keepin in touch with your site guys, wanna give Jack a big kiss! See you soon, will write more soon. Love ya SMBL xxx

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