Monday, October 29, 2007

1st Day, Last Day, Crazy Day

It was Jack's 1st day at Tsegga's and it went well. I got there the same time as someone else so I took him in the house. I was relieved about that as I was afraid she was going to make me hand him over at the door and he'd scream again. I put him in front of her toys and I made a quick exit. He saw me and started running to me but she scooped him up and as I left (crying) he wasn't upset. At 9.30am I caved and rang her. She said he was playing really well with the other kids but hadn't eaten his breakfast. So then I worried all day till Craig rang after he'd picked him up. Anyway, seems like Jack had a good day - playing and singing, ate his lunch okay, shared his toys with the other kids (he's a good egg), and seems to have taken to Tsegga. But my stomach is still in knots.

It was Craig's last day at work! He now has a couple of days to unwind, buy some new work clothes and get ready for his big, new, fab job on Thursday. Have I said how great this job is? How proud I am? How excited he is? Okay sorry.


My day was mad (hence the picture). I had a road trip this morning after my upsetting ordeal at Tsegga's. On the way to my destination I called by Micky-Ds for a coffee and I saw 2 bizarre sites - (1) A big machine that rented out DVDs overnight for $1. "Not so bizarre" you're thinking as they are in all the supermarkets now. But this one was in the drive-through lane at McDonalds (2) an Amish guy buying a McGriddle meal. Shouldn't he be eating farm-raised, pesticide-free turnips or something?

I got back to my office mid-afternoon, still carrying the knot in my stomach about Jack and I found a parcel sent from a lady I met at a conference in Canada last month. She sent me a small book she had told me about that signified the love a parent has for their child. It's only thin and took me about 1 minute to read but I had to shut my office door and I cried for a few minutes. The timing of this book could not have been more poignant.

So, I went to my night-class looking like a demented, runny-nosed, red-eyed lunatic.

Now I'm finally home & I tried to complete my homework but it's too hard and I can't do it. I think I have the soil gas diffusivity problem worked out but darn if the O2 conc. with depth isn't just being a little ba****d.

That's it till Thursday when I begin "NaBloPoMo" - one post every day in November!

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