Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This Moment in American History

It was about 10.45pm and I was checking on Jack when I heard Craig, already in bed with the TV on, do an intake of breath. I tip-toed out of Jack's room at lightning speed and hissed "what what???" and he replied "Virginia picked Obama!" and we both got excited and watched, as in the next few minutes Obama was named President Elect. At one point I realised I was holding Craig's hand so tight my fingers were overlapped, painfully.

We stayed up to watch McCain's speech - wow, the old McCain came back! Where has he been for the last 12 months? I shed a small tear for him and felt really good about what he said. He was gracious and eloquent. It then spanned to Palin and I thought (and sorry, but I'm going to be honest) - "please go and crawl back under your rock".

Then we stayed up to watch Obama's speech and I cried through the whole thing. It was so moving and inspirational and everyone was so desperate to hear something about hope. Seeing all those people in Chicago and New York & DC celebrating and waving American flags was great. Craig turned to me and said - "we should take down the Buckeye flag tomorrow and put our America flag back up". Phew! What an emotional & historical event it was.

Today I feel happy & refreshed and excited about the future. A lot of other people must too because I had to go to 3 shops before I could find a USA Today newspaper. I also saw something rather funny this morning - "The Onion" newspaper ran the headline "Black Man given Nation's Worst Job"


Fredsueand me said...

had a feeling you would be pleased, its fantastic news, we have been watching very closely here. he is the perfect man for the job. say hello to craig and jack and give the bump a rub for us. talk soon. lee x

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Pam - I can sense your enthusiasm and delight from here! It is certainly a momentous day - well done USA.

A x

Pam said...

Hey Lee, Sue & Noah: It's finally sunk in and now we're all waiting to see how we can improve things - it'll be a long road to recovery I think. I'm so sad to hear about Phoebe today. Please give my love & condolences to Sue. XXX
SJA: Well done USA indeed!!!

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