Another Little Leap of Independence

Jack can have free breakfast at school but hasn't been doing so far. This morning however he decided that he would, so off we went a little earlier than usual so that he'd have time for a bite to eat before the tardy bell went off at 8.25am (I do love the name "tardy bell" by the way, as we just used the name "school bell" when I was a kid in England).

As we neared the lunch room I could see he was getting a bit nervous and he did a little grab of my sleeve and looked at me imploringly, so I told him that Danny & I would stand near him until he got his food. I was watching him as he stood in line, getting more and more agitated knowing that he'd have to tell the lunch lady what he wanted and he was wringing his little hands by the time she asked him. But he got himself a muffin and a juice box and punched in his number in the machine and off we went, looking for a pal to sit next to.

He spied 3 boys sitting together and he approached them and I was nervous too by this point thinking "please say hi to him!" and then they made room for him, right in the middle of the bench and he squeezed in and one boy said "Hi Jack!" and he looked at me and smiled so I whispered "bye" and we left. I was in bits the whole way back and had to fight off tears. What a brave boy he was and how great that he has friends. I have a feeling that my morning time with him just got a bit shorter and I'm glad for him but sad for me.


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