Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Piece de Resistance

After another busy day, Craig goes to the shops about 5.30pm and I am with the kids, intent on doing laundry and finally getting round to bisselling the front room carpet & couch, when my friend Michelle phoned and said she was at the park with her kids - so we all stopped our current doings and left to go and join them. And I also took Cody along.

It was lovely to see them, and me and Michelle had a good chat about her recent surgery for cancer which she has blogged about. Jack & Lauren were off doing their thing and Danny & Michael were chums. It's great to watch them all. Then it all wet bonkers. Cody had 3 poos and I had no proper bags and he was pulling on his lead then Danny started being a nightmare (tired) and had a potty training incident in his pants, then Jack had some kind of domestic with his buddy Lauren, and so it was time to go home. Me & Michelle hugged and said see-you-soon and off I went home, hoping Craig was back from shopping.

When I got home I ignored Cody begging for a treat and Jack wanting 100% of my attention and took Danny in the office to the changing table. I was sweating and all kerflustered and wanting to just have some peace. I'm sure you know the feeling. THEN I took his undies off and as I pulled them down over his knees they twisted and did a catapult thing and a little ball of poo hit me in the cheek! And I laughed because it actually brought the whole thing into perspective and actually it just made me laugh for no reason. Having a ball of poo fired at you isn't as bad as you think, honest.

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