Little bit of Opera

I was sat having a glass of wine with my summer helper Tom (from England) a few weeks ago and we talked about music and he said he loved opera and I said I didn't. Then he said that he just picks songs from films that he loves and gets that one and before you know it, you love Opera. No one has ever said that before - that you can just like a song. I always felt like I had to embrace the whole thing or be naught.

So, I have two opera songs from films that I love but this is definitely my favourite so my only post (the next one later maybe). I have loved this film for 20 years called "A Room with a View". Helena Bonham Carter and Julian Sands have the best kiss ever in a movie. Ever. If any of you can find a better kiss then tell me about it.

And the music building up to and during the kiss is...


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