Loving Cliff!

In contrast to Daniel's despair at going to school, our Jack has taken to it like a duck to water. He loves the social aspect and the chance to make friends with kids and teachers. Tonight he did a rendition of his music class this afternoon, complete with musical actions "jump up and down and all around, you're all in the show!" It was like watching someone practice for a play. He has a best friend every day and tells me who got sent to the principals office. He usually helps me pack his lunch too. I hope Danny gets to love it as much.

On Fridays Jack gets to take something for show & tell, so he's taking a toy London bus tomorrow and made me put the You Tube "Summer Holiday" clip on again so he could sing along. I do get a big kick out of my 5-year old's love of Cliff Richard (the American equivelant would be Buddy Holly maybe). It makes me feel like things are coming full circle because he likes songs that I loved as a kid.

I'm hoping his connection to England will be embraced by his friends at school, and not considered weird. Adults all seem to love England but who knows how 5 year olds think!


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