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I feel like there's lots of little things to do an update on today.

Firstly and most importantly, my friend that had cancer surgery has been told that it was at stage 1 and she doesn't need chemo - so that's a huge relief. She posted recently about food worries then we went and met tonight at the park after having both eaten HUGE amounts of pasta for dinner and we both just wanted to lie down and rub our bellies. I do wish I could be satisfied with a salad and a glass of water instead of pasta & wine!

Next, suddenly we're all so busy. Not just with hectic work stuff but with soccer practice, soccer games, swimming, doctors appointments and open evenings. I have so many schedules stuck to my fridge that I've run out of magnets and am having to double up. I hate the mess of it but find myself letting it go. Where once I was regimental about cleaning, now I can step over a lump of sticky stuff on the floor and not bat an eyelid. And I've started wearing vests around the house and tying my hair up. Good lord I'm turning into a slob aren't I? If you ever see me wearing a house coat give me a good shake.

Tomorrow will be nuts. It's Danny's first day at pre-school so my first attempt at getting them both out of the house dressed, fed and clean by 8am. I'm already half-panicked about it and hope I can keep my cool. It's that time of year when I have my windows open so I would hate for neighbours and passers-by to hear me ranting like a sailor every morning. I once asked my immediate neighbours if they could hear me and they said "No, but we worry that you can hear us too!" So wish me luck on my morning runs.

Jack is doing great at Kindergarten and told me proudly today that he was the table captain. His table are called the "Blue Unicorns". (I typed Blue Leprechauns at first and thought who in their right mind calls kids after little scary freaks? I had to go and check a note on the fridge and realised my mistake!) One thing I have been a bit surprised about is the homework which he's had almost every night. It seems a little extreme after 6.5 hours of school every day but I'm jollying him along and he seems to like it.

A few last things - I was upset to hear that Andy Whitfield died this past weekend. Craig and I loved the Spartacus series and it's so sad that he died so young.

We watched "Paul" this weekend and it was great - very entertaining! It's a comedy with the Sean of the Dead cast about them rescuing an alien from Area 51. In keeping with the alien theme, I gave up on my historical book about area 51. It just got too political and technical and, let's face it boooooring. I can accept the theory that the Roswell crash was a disk-like aircraft from Stalin's Russia that contained "beings" bred in Mengele's lab. Seems far more feasible to me than little green men. I'd like to say I garnished a bit more from the book than that but it was far too boring to read. Sorry.


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