Sibling Rivalry

Last Friday night we had yet another trip to Children's Hospital urgent care after the boys were wrestling and Danny got a dislocated elbow. The doctor got it popped back in and he's perfectly okay, but it certainly didn't tame the rambunctious behaviour like I hoped it would. Bickering and tussling are par for the course in my house. It's got so bad now that if we buy them anything (toys, food, clothes) we have to buy them the same thing or they'll spend hours squabbling. They even stake a claim on drinking cups while I'm filling them up!

I'm sure this is normal but gosh it's draining. More than anything I want my boys to be best friends and take care of one another through life but right now they can't even share a plate of cheese and crackers. They are both vocal and independent and maybe that's why they won't give an inch.

I wonder when the bickering stops? Hopefully before my sister and me - I think we were in our teens before we actually liked each other!


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