An End of Summer Saturday

Good grief I'm tired. It was my turn to get up this morning with the kids and they chose to make it a nice early rise then terrorised me for a couple of hours.

Then I went and stood on the sidelines of a football game for 4 hours in 100 degree weather and thought I was going to die. Seriously. Especially because I had on long pants and proper shoes with socks. When I got home I was nearly purple-coloured with the heat stroke.

So we took the kids to the local outdoor pool and swam from 6-8pm tonight and it was WONDERFUL. All the stress of today just blew away.

Then we got home and finally got the kids to bed and then the electric went off.

Then it came back on & we watched a film and it was ok. A Bourne rip-off at best.

Now Craig is collapsed in bed and I'm not far behind. Just one more glass of wine to unwind and I must stroke Tutz (who's sitting beside me) as she's been a complete basket-case since we went on holiday and if I don't show her attention she's likely to go off and crap in a bizarre place that I won't find for a couple of days (really - that's what she's doing right now. It's like hide and seek with cat poo). Sigh.

Thank goodness it's a long weekend for Labor Day!

Danny being a cannon-ball and Jack doing handstands ...


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