Jack & Me Today

Where do I start? Maybe with Jack.

He had a full day at school and then a trip to his pediatrician (Dr. S.) for his 5-year check-up and kindergarten vaccines (I forgot to do this ahead of time and had to be reminded rather sternly by his school nurse, whom I showed the same fear that I did my own school nurse 35 years ago!) So he had two jabs in each arm and a flu spray up the nose. SIX MEDICINES he kept telling me on the way home (the spray counts as two seeing as she sprayed up each nostril he informed me). Luckily the lady at the desk let him have a spiderman sticker on the way out of he may never have gone back. So here are his 5-year statistics:
He weighs 50 lbs (is in the 90%ile)
He's 46.5" tall (is in the 95%ile)
As usual he talked Dr. S's ear off about school and superheroes and private matters ("Daniel won't ever eat food!") but he did great and only cried a little bit when he got the 4 jabs. I told him he was a brave lad.

Then Dr. S. asked me if I had any concerns and I have one that might seen silly but it's been weighing on my mind for as long as I knew I needed to get him these injections. When he had a jab this time last year, the week after he got HSP. So I'm nervous that these vaccines will trigger it again. Dr. S. had a niece that also got it last year and she said she researched the link between vaccines and HSP and there's only one slight mention but that Jack didn't get that particular vaccine. And then she also said what I know anyway - that the medical field has no idea what triggers HSP. Well like I said, I feel a bit silly about it all since I have friends going through a lot worse worry that this kind of thing right now.

So anyway, after a full day of school and then injections, Jack had soccer practice in the rain and then homework. That seems like too much to me. He's only five! He did get his soccer strip tonight though (ready for his first real game this weekend!). His strip is black & white. They are, after all, The Penguins!

My day was bonkers as usual. Got up at 5 am, drove 3 hours to South Point, (which is a pretty little town on the Ohio River) and did some work then drove back. I love driving through SE Ohio, especially along the river. It's sad to see how bad some people have it, living in the hills, but just the most gorgeous scenery. Bittersweet would be the word. Best of all about these trips, I get a bit of alone time to energise my thoughts for work, daydream about opportunity and plan. I love it.

One thing I did do today was go into Kohl's and buy a $50 pair of Levis jeans that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Then Linda asked me if I had lost weight and Craig said I looked lovely. I haven't spent $50 on a pair of jeans in 5 years (age of Jack - not a coincidence I feel) And you know what - it feels great. I'm not feeling guilty at all. Gulp.


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