Tough Week

What a week!

Tuesday was nuts. After taking Jack to school and Danny to school and then going home to walk Cody, I finally got in my car to go to work and halfway there got a call that Daniel had "had a bowel movement and you must come back and change him", so I did an illegal u-turn and swore like a sailor all the way back to pre-K. He was happy to see me so I can't be mad at him but I do wish he'd embrace the whole toilet training concept. When I finally got to work I managed another hour before they called back and informed me that Daniel would absolutely NOT do lunch. So back I went, after picking Linda up first. Then when I walked into my kitchen Tutz had crapped all over the window seat. You can imagine the language out of my mouth I'm sure. Linda must have thought I'd finally lost my marbles when I took a picture of the window seat and sent it to Craig with the message "I am DONE!" I seriously considered giving her away that day but thankfully that moment has passed. That was a bad day though.

Wednesday wasn't much better. First off I locked me & Danny out of the house when we took Jack to school, then I went to Lake Erie for work and forgot my purse so spent all day with no money. That sucked as I couldn't buy food & drink and I worried that a policeman might pull me over and go nuts on me for driving a state car with no ID. I got home at 6.15pm and had a The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting at 6.30pm. The PTA meeting was a bit weird. Telling maybe. There are 206 students at Jack's school and only about 14 people were there at the meeting and 4 of them were brand new, like me. That does not give me confidence that the parents like the current PTA committee. Is the PTA committee clicky maybe? Closed to new ideas maybe? In the "any other business" thing at the end I mentioned a new Facebook page that's all about our local schools and the PTA President said she hated Facebook and also said (and I sort-of quote) "I don't care that people went to Bob Evans for dinner! Why do people say that? I don't care. Facebook is for stupid people". This was after at least two of us parents had said we used Facebook. So I'm thinking these PTA women are clicky, resisting change and totally not open to social networking, which is just ignorant. Social networking is not going away and if anything is going to become more helpful and more important as a way of interacting with people and getting your message out.

While I was enduring the PTA, Craig had to take the boys to soccer with no snacks when it was our turn to take snacks. I was trying not to stress about it but poor Craig did and was late for practice so he could buy some. He's a good sport. And Jack scored his first goal!

Thursday Daniel did great at pre-k and, according to his teacher Mrs N. "sat on the rug at story time, danced and used the potty" Yea! Maybe he won't get expelled after all.

Today our Jack (drum roll...) was made "Student of the week" at kindergarten so next week he gets to sit in the comfy chair at reading time, he gets to lead the color procession and be a leader all week. He's so excited and can't wait to sit in that chair. 'I can hardly stand it!" he told me tonight of the wait until Monday. I asked him why he was chosen and he said "I didn't hit anyone and I was quiet in the hallway and didn't sit on my knees and raised my hand when I wanted to talk. And I didn't go to the Principal's office". I'm so happy for him. He's loving school and his confidence is blooming.

And finally, me & Craig are ok but exhausted. It was Craig's first week in his new job and that's exciting but yesterday he got the spare tyre knicked of the back of his Jeep so he didn't sleep last night he's so fed-up about it. That's another $300 expense we could have done without. Bow hunting season starts this weekend though so I'm going to push him into the woods on Sunday to go and get some Craig time.

I'm ok too, really. I'm actually much happier and smiley than I sound on this blog post! I just had a mad busy week at work and my feet are still killing me. I've been saying I'll go to the Docs since Christmas last year and I need to do it. Yeah right. God I sound depressing don't I? Sorry. It's been a tough week. I hate to write blogs like this but this week has been hard.

Let me think of a happy highlight...

Jack will take part in a parade in a couple of weeks and he's learning a song at school. All night tonight I've heard him singing "Baby you're a firework!" by Katie Perry, which is hilarious to watch. I'm going to embed the video in this blog purely so he can practice (I promised him I'd have a video of it tomorrow morning)

After a good night's sleep and a weekend off work I'll be okay again. Back to my old cheery self.


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