A Man Named Christ

I met a man today called Christ. A real man! I was fairly certain that name was already taken but then I met him over a cup of coffee. He's little and white haired, 83 years old and from Youngstown, Ohio. He pronounces his name to rhyme with "Missed" by the way, in case you were currently sat back in your chair with a horrified look on your face and getting ready to call the pope.

He told me his mum (who died 3 years ago and who he took care of his whole life) was a devout Greek Orthodox. In 1926 and when she was 7 months pregnant she stepped off a trolley car in downtown Youngstown and was hit by a car. As she lay in the road, convinced she was dying, she prayed and said "If you let my baby live I will name him as close to God as I can". It was pretty amazing that he survived at that time being 2 months premature but survive he did. And hence his name. He said over the years people have told him to drop the "t" but he told them no. Good on him.

Anyway, this man is a legend, a man involved in his church, involved in two businesses, and he also has a PT job. I can tell immediately that he's a character and one of those unique people you meet in life that remind you of the old days, when character and manners and treating people right was the norm. I like him a lot already.

Why did I meet him? Well, he came recommended by my friend because he is a car expert and he's going to help me buy a decent minivan. I'm meeting him again Friday and then he's taking me to the auctions next week. I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I feel like I'm getting to know one of the last good ones.


Emily said…
That is quite a story, Pam. One of the good ones, indeed.

There was a kid in my junior high named J.C., and our English teacher told us that the office records had his proper name as Jesus Christ. His parents were hippies, she said.

I suppose stranger things have happened.
Pam said…
Hi Emily! That's something that might happen to Jack Craig - JC - I hope not though. An acronym for a name is not what I want for him. Parents do the oddest things don't they. Remember that girl last year on the news "Tellulah Does the Hula"?
I hope David's okay? I've been thinking of him all day.
Clippy Mat said…
that's interesting.
but how does Christ come to be pronounced as Missed?
looking forward to the next instalment.
I was wondering the same as Clippy Mat, Pam - have I missed something!
Pam said…
Hi Clippy and Anne - I meant his name Christ was pronounced like crist and not cryst - know what I mean now? Maybe not. Good job I'm not an English teacher huh.

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