A Happy Autumn Day

We had a great day today. We decided to ignore house and yard work and just have fun with the boys. I'm glad we did.
Gently does it Jack Sparrow
Jack spent most of his pocket money on a skateboard so we got him some pads and took him to a skate park. He loved it and did quite well so we'll have to keep him motivated. I'm thinking it will be a great pastime in winter too if we can find an indoor park. There was another 6 year old there so he didn't feel as self-conscious in front of all the cool boys. Danny took his scooter and did some death-defying stunts down the ramps. He is definitely not the cautious one!

Jack with his Daddy
After the skate park we went to a pumpkin farm where they have bounce houses and a hayride to get your own pumpkins. What a fab time we had there.

Cheeky Monkey with his Pumpkin
Danny sat with another family on the hayride which was hilarious but also a bit humiliating. What must they have thought of us?? We all had far too much candy corn and pumpkin glazed donuts and slushies.  That's enough sugar for the whole month right there.

Now Craig and Jack have gone for a bike ride and Danny and I are lounging on the couch with the dogs, watching telly.  Sorry I didn't make too many phone calls back to England today, but the bright blue sky and the chance to spend time with the boys was just too good an opportunity to miss.


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