Packed Labor Day Weekend

What a weekend already! There are English people in town that I am hosting (work stuff) so yesterday I took them to the football game and then hosted a BBQ at the house for them. Between the rain and the mess created by 10 people drinking and eating my kitchen looked like a campsite this morning, with rib bones strewn about, ketchup stuck to plates like concrete and muddy leaves stuck to the floor. Add that to a hangover and it wasn't my favourite morning ever! Thank God for coffee and distracted children (thank you television).

But on the VERY bright side we got our AC unit fixed (thank you Duane!!) so at least I could clean up without sweating profusely and we got to hang out with some of our favourite people for half-an-hour while it got fixed.

This afternoon we took the Brits to The US National Air Force Museum in Dayton. I LOVE that place and will never get bored of it.

Space commander cheeky-monkey pants
I have been to the museum a dozen times but always see something new.  Today I saw the exhibit of the Hurricane plane and English alert station that they used during the Battle of Britain.  There was a roll-call book of all the Battle of Britain, listing all who were involved and there was a story of Billy Fiske, the only American to die during the historic battle. He pretended to be a Canadian so that he could join the Royal Air Force (the USA were neutral in 1940 so no Americans were allowed to participate) and he died after his plane was hit and he crash landed. He's buried in Sussex but there is a memorial to him in St. Paul's Cathedral that says "An American citizen who died so that England might live". I got a bit choked up at that. Hard not to I think. How brave they all were!

After we dropped the Brits off at a bar we came home and we are getting ready to watch "American Pie Reunited".   I loved that whole group of friends and can't wait to watch it. I hope Stiffler is still stiffling!!!!  

Tomorrow we are going to a big flea market. I'm so excited because I love flea markets!  If I ever have time away from the kids (say for my birthday) I don't want to go to a posh spa. I want to go to a huge, mother f'ing flea market the size of Texas and just wander and mooch and pick things up and browse without having two monkeys behind me and on me.  We are going to be meeting friends there so hopefully the boys will let me enjoy it just a teensy bit. 


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