Eight Days Later

What a wonderful whirl-wind week! (try saying that after a few sherries). In the last eights days we've had 2 soccer practices, 1 soccer game, 1 elementary school open house, I've read 2.5 books, we've wood-stained the play set and done some yard work, took the kids to a pumpkin farm, visited the food truck event, and watched a couple of good movies. Oh, and worked full time. No wonder I look like I'm about 110 years old.

Here's some pictures from a few of the fun times....
Cheeky Monkeys (taken by Susan, awesome photographer)
In the hay maze

Coco Bean

At the pumpkin farm in my cheery sweatshirt

The books I read were:  "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio, about a 10 year old boy with severe facial deformities that's been home-schooled but then goes to a mainstream school. It was so sad and courageous and wonderful. I definitely recommend it.

Then I read Hunger Games Part 2 "Catching Fire" and now I'm half-way through the 3rd part "Mockingjay". The Hunger Games have been something I've really enjoyed so far, now I'm just impatient for the 2nd and 3rd films to come out. I'm not really into sci-fi  books (other than Lord of the Rings I suppose) and I've never been a big Harry Potter fan, but I've really got into this series. It's marvelous!

Two movies we watched were The Lorax (kids loved it and watched it twice) and Project X which is about a teen party that gets out of control. It was funny and absolutely horrifying all at the same time. Then this week I saw that it's been happening in real life in Australia and Germany. At one party 3,000 people showed up!  The film must have spurred people on, coupled with posting the events on Facebook. I am not going to tut-tut because in the old "Animal House" days of my youth I had some pretty extreme parties too. I remember one where about 100 people from the pub piled back to my house and my mum and Tom had to call the police to get rid of everyone!  If Facebook had been around in those days I have no doubt that it would have been epic! ha ha ha (sorry mum)

Here's the trailer....


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