Monkey Boy & his Squirrely Sidekick

The flea market this morning was good. The jalapeno and strawberry homemade jam alone was worth the trip (got Quince and rhubarb/strawberry too).  I also ended up with an antique child's deckchair. I had no intention of buying said chair but Danny plonked himself down onto it and the fabric disintegrated in a poof of ancient cloth dust and his bum hit the floor. I was rather hoping the seller would take pity on us when I half-heartedly offered to buy it, but she jumped on it. I did find some outdoor fabric from a recent project though so I'm going to fix it up and make the little bugger sit in it.  As I had predicted, the kids made the whole experience stressful and annoying, constantly complaining or asking for things. I love my children but lordy do they get annoying when I want some "me" time.

I should document that they are both doing something quite funny at the moment. Jack wants to climb every tree. I can't go on a walk without him scurrying up one and he's getting quite good at it. He's climbing the play set too and I've caught him in some precarious situations lately. It's got so bad that I dare not let him play in the garden on his own for fear of him launching himself off the play set bars and into an adjoining tree, injuring himself greatly in the process.

Monkey Boy 

And Danny has taken on squirrel tendencies. He hides shoes and toys and cutlery and I don't know what else. I can only imagine what he has thrown away or hidden lately. I keep finding things pushed under cushions and in little hidy-spots around the house. When I opened a compartment in my car to look for something I found 3 of his summer hats, 10 icy pop wrappers, rocks, acorns, and a handful of small toys. Last week when we got Coco from the pound I got home and found piles of rocks in my handbag! I thought it felt heavy. I'm not sure what it means, other than the fact that it's another Danielism that makes him unique (and funny).

Well back to work tomorrow. Got soccer and an open house for Danel's pre-school this week and then we are hoping, really hoping to take the boys camping soon. I want to go camping so badly!


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