My Gyno & Good Weekend!

On Friday I went to see my gynecologist for my annual check-up but I had skipped a couple of years so hadn't seen her for a while. I got a sound telling-off because I need to go each year, seeing as I'm old and I've had a couple of scares before in the old nether-regions. Anyway, she said all looked good "down there" but I'll wait on the results for the final ok. Why am I posting about this you might ask? Well she no longer delivers babies and that made me sad. I asked her when she stopped  and she said 2009!  and then I thought Oh, crap maybe wrestling Danny out of me was too much to bear!  She said no, laughing, and that she wants to spend time with her daughter and then I said "she's ten, right? and she looked at me like I was a stalker - like why would you know my daughter is ten?  Well because when I had my issue down there I remember her telling me that her daughter was 1 and that was 11 years ago. I'm so glad that she delivered both of my boys as she made both a wonderful experience and she showed up to deliver Danny in a snow emergency. And during my issue she was wonderful - so calm and full of knowledge that I know if I have any other issues in the future she will make it bearable. I'm just saying that I really like my Gyno!

So switching tracks, and on to the weekend ..

What a great weekend but it went so fast. Wayyyy too fast. I can't even remember what we did on Friday night I'm so discombobulated!  On Saturday we had a soccer game for Jack and he scored two goals! He's on a team with 3 friends from school, including his best friend Wesley.

Jack & Wesley
Then we took the dogs to a local festival and Danny was in the bounce house the whole time. We couldn't get him out and actually didn't try too hard. Watching that boy bounce is joy in itself.
Danny, with balloon sword and scabbard
What else? Well Craig has sold his Jeep and is looking for a truck. The boys have watched The Lion King twice this weekend and loved it. Absolutely loved it to the point were they have been drawing pictures of Simba, and I did housework today with such gusto that now I need to lie down and die. :)


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