Open House at Danny's Pre-K

Scientist Danny & Mrs N.
Tonight was the open house at Danny's pre-school. He went last year and by the end of the year he accepted it and liked it. Didn't love it. Liked it.

So,  we've signed him up for the same room and same teachers because he is a bit scared of new situations and I want him to really enjoy his time there this year. He'll go 2 mornings a week with Mrs N & Mrs J.

An added confidence booster (you would think), is that he sees Mrs N every day because she picks her children up from the same elementary school that Jack goes to. So Danny sees her ALL THE TIME and she's unbelievably friendly and sweet to him and he's still nervous of her! Hides behind Linda's legs. He's promised her that tomorrow he won't. I bet he does.

Can you tell I'm nervous about him starting next week?

But tonight he did GREAT! He was social and confident and talked to both teachers and really had a good time.

I felt so confident about the whole thing that I got carried away & signed him up for an extra morning there.  He's going to do pre-k science! They investigate bugs and soil and plants and volcanoes and cars and all sorts of cool stuff he'll love. He'll love it. Or he'll HATE it and make a huge fuss and I'll have to withdraw him in shame. No gray areas with Daniel!  I am also a tad nervous about this Monday deal because his teacher is old (80's probably) and not very cuddly. My friend Heather got taught by this teacher when she was in pre-k and her step-dad tonight told me she's so old she teaches alchemy! Joke. My neighbours grown-up kids (late 30's) got taught by her too, so they will find it hysterical that she's still teaching! I'm trying to be somewhat PC so will not say anything else, other than she looks ancient, like she's 102.  And to add to the circus that is Mondays, her assistant is clinically blind, so between the pair of them I see Daniel getting up to all kinds of mischief.

Lastly, two things happened tonight that made me swallow really hard to stop myself from crying. Danny drew a picture of a smiley face and gave it to Mrs N. (gulp one), and then Mrs J (the stern teacher), made such a big fuss of him that I felt so glad he had them on his side. These ladies genuinely care about the kids.  I think this might go okay next week! Or not. :)


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