So Long Tent!

Right now I'm badly sun burnt and incredibly tired. We took on too much this weekend but when I look back at it all there's nothing I would have dropped.

BUT in the meantime I missed a phone call from my mum before her week long holiday and also from my dad & Shelia. I didn't get a chance to call & wish our best friends Sue & Lee "Happy Anniversary" and Happy Birthday to Elijah. And I also need to send birthday presents for their boys. I'm so sorry that I'm behind with these important things. I love these people very much so I'm sorry I have not been able to call (the 5 hr. difference does not help). x

On Friday night Craig and I went for dinner and a walk around a park. We had a babysitter for 2 hours - what a trooper she is too. Love her. The boys watched The Lorax and loved it (I caught most of it and liked it too).

On my date with Craig. Rivers European Beech & me
Saturday morning Jack had a soccer game. He scored a goal and did so well. He's finally getting into it after 2.5 years of playing and he actually gets stuck in. I'm dead proud of him.

Saturday afternoon I took Jack to a birthday party for 2 hours. I trapped my finger in a chair's metal hinge as I sat down and it hurt like hell and I shouted out "Jesus Christ!" when it happened, to find 50 people staring at me opened-mouthed. Other than that it was ace. Oops.

Saturday tea-time we set off to go camping. NIGHTMARE. We got lost due to road works, arrived too late so put tent up in semi-dark. Daniel was the devil himself with several tantrums and screaming on the site (the shame!!!). Dogs were fed-up and Coco barked at everyone who walked past (the shame!!!) and Jack chattered non-stop. I told Craig I wanted to just run away and he said "make sure you take me".  Add all this to really cold night so we were all freezing (kids and Coco suffering the most)  and a very high amount of condensation so all of our bedding and clothes were wet. Wet and cold all night long.

Sunday morning 7am: Daniel wakes everyone up by spraying DEET bug spray all over us in the tent and then both boys were jumping on the airbeds until Coco was so scared that she peed. I wanted to kill myself at this point. I will never. EVER. sleep in a Fing tent ever again. Ever. Never. So we got it all packed away and had some nice times (not fun at this point)  at the campsite then set off to hike at Old Man's Cave.

Hocking Hills State Park

Mum: Daniel do NOT climb that rock (next to 200 ft. steep cliff).  Daniel: Ahhh, a challenge!

Lower Falls with no "falls" (bad drought year)

How tired is Ben? Awwww, bless 
Tonight we had a picnic with friends at their church, which was great. We had lovely food, met lovely people and spent a little time with the adults.  Both boys loved it  and played in the bouncy castle and dunk-tank and scooters but by 7.15pm Danny went into melt-down mode again so we came home and gt them to bed. I think Danny's issue this weekend has been a lack of sleep and a lack of attention. Jack just grabs so much.

Much later tonight we unloaded all of the camping stuff then got ready for both boys at school tomorrow. I am dreading it. It will be a new teacher and a new class for Danny and he'll hate it. What was I thinking?


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