Roller Coaster Day

Danny, Champion of the World
Today was a roller-coaster of a day.

Danny woke up at 4.45am saying he'd had a bad dream and needed to pee. I think he was nervous about pre-school. I couldn't get back to sleep then of course because I had all kinds of work and family stuff racing through my mind.

Danny did great at pre-school. There's 12 kids in his class but there was just 6 for his orientation this morning. He was about 3-6 inches taller than anyone else and the only boy too! I think by the time all 12 are in the room there will be at least one other boy and I don't think it's a bad thing at all if he's the oldest and the tallest. Maybe it'll help build a bit of confidence in him. His teachers said he did great, was a big help and they think he'll be a class leader. And he made a new friend, Lucy. He told me he liked it and seems excited about his next day there, so a complete success I believe!

This morning I got a text from one of my students asking to be excused from class because his best friend died last night. Then I got an email from the university informing me that it was another one of my students that had died. He was only 21. Heart failure I think. It's hit me quite hard even though I didn't know him well and I can't stop thinking about his poor parents.  And of course it's a sad day anyway. The old memories and feelings from 9/11 have been lurking inside me all day.

So tonight Craig and I took the dogs and boys to the park but came home rather quickly. I'd rather brood at home than in a park full of chatty people. And I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

On the way home we saw a young couple with two boys, similar in age to our boys, looking at the house for sale across from us. That has perked me up a bit. And Craig got me some fluffy Ohio State socks when he ran out for groceries. You can't beat comfy socks when you are feeling a bit blue! So I'm going to lie back with a glass of wine and read my second book "Catching Fire" in the Hunger Games trilogy. I'm only 45 pages in and loving it.


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