Scary Stuff & Haircuts

Another wacky week under my belt.  Gosh, where to start?  Maybe with Halloween..

In their secret lair
Jack is obsessed with Halloween and already has his whole outfit. He will be a werewolf this year. I can't drive past a shop with scary stuff in the window without him begging to go and see it all. 

Just wrong
He's not frightened at all. This would make me scream then have a massive heart attack. Seriously.

Danny has told me that he does not want to dress up so I'm not pushing him. I've learnt that it's best for him to see Jack do something and think he's missing out, then he'll ask to join in. If I try and involve him at this point he'll say no and have nothing to do with it. What a complicated boy he is.

Both boys got hair cuts this afternoon. Picture days at school are coming up and yes I want them to look their best. Last year I made the photographer takes Jack's picture again because his hair was all greased down in an odd way and I was later saying something about it at school and found that that his teacher did it. Ooops.

LOVE the boys' barber shop

A couple of other things going on:

Coco is driving me insane by messing in the house. I have tried all sorts of training techniques to no avail. Last night I had to strip my bed TWICE because she weed on there. Little nightmare!  We are obviously not taking her back to the pound but she's testing me beyond my limits! AND she has dug holes in my garden and wrecked the lawn. I'm very upset with her right now.

We have another chocka weekend of sports and dinners (and sodding the back yard) planned but I WILL be calling my family and friends in Old Blighty! Just my luck they'll all be out.


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