Keep on Truckin'

Craig sold his Jeep so he can buy a truck. He wants to take it hunting and he's made a good case about it being a great camping vehicle and even went so far as to suggest that I wouldn't even feel the weight of a boat on the back (nice try honey).  I totally understand the hunting thing. Particularly since he had to drag the 8-point buck he got last year and manhandle it onto a shelf on the back of his Jeep and bungee cord it on!  He probably gave several people on the freeway a heart attack on his way to the butchers.

So we've been looking for small/midsize trucks with 4x4 and 4 doors. We like the Honda Ridgeline and Ford Explorer SportTrak. I have steered away from a Ford F150 (pictured below) because they are HUGE and it seems, well just too much. They have  a 5.7 liter engine and get about 12 mpg for heaven sake!

After 3 weeks of looking he's been getting a bit fed-up. It seems like people are not selling trucks unless they have 150k miles on them and they are beaten up. Our friend Christ took him to the auction again but same thing there. Tonight we test drove this muther....

Biiiiiig Truck. Check out the dude in the pink shades!
And I liked it! Fittingly, country music was on the radio when we got in. Craig said all he needed was a Yorkie Bar and we'd have been set. So he might get it. I think it's fair to say that we have embraced this American life!

Yorkie tv ad from 1976!....


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