A Jolly Day

This morning we took the boys to a free event, which was fabulous. It's held at a local cinema every month and includes crafts for kids and then you go into the movie theatre and they have a kid's band (The Shazzbots) and short movies, just 2-6 minutes long. It was great. Today they also had Santa there and cookie decorating.

Jack and his friend from school
We met our good friends Brian & Emily & kids there and also met several other friends including friends from Jack's school. Afterwards we went for lunch and ice cream and all of our kids just got along great. It was a truly nice and enjoyable experience (can't say we have so many of those right?). The lady at the ice cream parlour even said how well behaved our kids were so I gave her a HUGE tip. Even if she was lying I'll take it.
Jack & the big man. Danny did not partake!

During the music/movie performance Danny said he wanted to dance with all the other kids at the front so I went down to the stage area with him. He danced his little heart out. Then Santa came down there and tried to get a hold of him and he screamed and bolted, crying, off the stage and never went back. People in the audience went "awwww!" at him when he did it. What a shame. Stupid Santa.  Kidding.

Jack & his longtime friend Katy
It was so funny seeing Jack and Katy as first graders, looking so grown up and being so reasonable and easy. Six year olds are so much easier than 3 year olds! The have known each other since babies and look how cute they were as babies! They are pictured with our beloved and very missed dog Cody (it's still hard to see pictures of him).
Tonight we got the Christmas lights outside set-up and so we are well and truly in the festive mood. And my nephew Perry became a dad today. Little boy Alfie looks lovely and makes me homesick for England.
But no gloom! It's Craig's birthday tomorrow so we are going to have a great day and hopefully go for a big hike. I want to make sure it's a great day for him.


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