Loving Life

I took the day off today. Actually, I am off now until a week on Monday. I am hoping the Christmassy feeling comes back with a vengeance after the last few days.

Today I dropped Danny off at Linda's and cleaned the house, did laundry, wrapped presents and made a house out of a HUGE heavy duty cardboard box I got from work. Jack is sleeping in it tonight and is so excited about it.

Tonight our friends from Nashville are coming in for a wedding and are staying till Sunday. They are bringing two young girls (their nieces) and Jack is beyond excited. He met Bethany a year ago and they got along great.

Tomorrow I am taking Danny to the wedding with me and Jack is going to a friend's house after school. Again, he's beyond excited.

I'm seeing a pattern here - my son really enjoys life! I just realized that. And it makes me very happy.


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