Christmas 2012

We took the boys sledding on Saturday and to the Fantasy of Lights that we do each year. On Sunday morning our guests headed back to Nashville and we swung into action to get ready for Christmas.

Craig and Danny racing

Jack the lad
On Christmas Eve Craig got sick (cold) so I did some last minute frantic shopping. We narrowly averted a disaster (forgot to get crackers!) but it all came together in the end. I took the boys to a friend's house for a party last night and we had a lot of fun. They are wonderful friends and the kids get along great guns. Craig stayed home and nursed his man flu. The highlight of the party was watching Jack sing "Deck the halls" on their karaoke machine.

When we got home we played bingo with the boys and gave them little prizes, then we put milk & cookies out for Santa, carrots for Rudolph and then we tracked Santa's progress on the computer. When he got to South America we put the boys to bed. They were so excited. I will always remember Jack just giddy at bed time.

I woke up at 4am this morning with the same cold Craig has and took some medicine then crawled back into bed, feeling like crap. The boys bounded out of bed at 7.30am and so began a hectic, fun day! They got lots of presents and enjoyed playing all day and digging into the mountain of English chocolate that arrived.

Danny and Bucky's pirate ship
We skyped and called family and friends and had our dinner (with crackers!) then Craig and I just collapsed for a couple of hours. It's a horrible cold - all in the head and throat and just makes you weary. That's not helpful when you have 2 energetic boys that want to play. Being 43 sucks.

LOVE these sweatshirts we got from England
We took them outside twice to ride their quad bikes but it's very cold. We have a blizzard warning for tomorrow though so I wanted them to use their bikes before we get house bound for a few days.

Boys on their quad bikes
Tonight we have two overly tired boys and I'm ready to get them to bed so we can have some down-time. As much as it's been fun today, these colds Craig and I have have just kicked our butts. Here's hoping we feel better tomorrow.
Merry Christmas everyone!


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