In Need of Some Cheer

When we posted the Christmas parcels to England on Saturday and the post office lady told us the total $ amount I thought Craig might faint. Instead he leant over and said "That just cost more than our first car when we arrived here". And he wasn't joking. There's no way we can do the same next year!

I am hoping for some good news this week people! This past week a young woman I know died in her sleep leaving her husband and two young kids (aneurysm they say). Then my dear friend Heather had a friend who's 5-year old died in a car crash. I cannot get my head around that. And two people I really like just lost their jobs. And I'm sad all the way around for that nurse that killed herself and the two DJs. I'm so sorry for all of them.  Seriously - is there any good news this week? 

It's 12-12-12 tomorrow which seems like it should be significant but I'm not sure why. The Mayan calendar cycle ends 12-21-12 and I am definitely NOT one of the doomsday prepper nutjobs but I am all out of sorts this week. Probably because of all the sadness.

Anyway. This made me laugh today at least ....


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