Party Gimmers

Good grief I'm giddy this evening. I am now off work till Monday!

I've got TWO Christmas parties tomorrow. The first is Danny's Christmas concert at pre-school and the second is my work party and I'm taking Danny with me. We have a white elephant gift exchange and it's cheesy but I love it.

Then on Friday it's the Holiday Shop at Jack's elementary school. Each class comes through and buys presents for their family & pets so we help them shop and wrap their presents. It's a serious case of Christmas magic! If you don't feel full of goodwill during that day then you are an alien.
 Last year I happened to help the child who's mum had died that week. He was autistic and showed up at school on the previous Monday morning on the school bus. When he got off he told the Principal that his mom had been ill and asleep all weekend. When she and the Police went to his house they found her dead. The school district Superintendent raised the money through her church to pay for the mum's funeral. I haven't seen that little boy since. I t was such a heartbreaking story (and I cried a lot over it) but my son's school is so wonderful in how nurturing and loving it is that it makes me proud to be part of it.

Friday night we have a party with the Brits

Sunday we have a neighbourhood party

Are we party animals or what! (no, actually we are not. We are old gimmers).


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