The New 'Norm"?

In the last few days I have read or heard about incidences in Ohio where schools have gone on lock down or pupils have been suspended for making threats and it's very frightening.
At one school in Springfield a boy wrote 'I could do better than 26" on his Facebook page, prompting the school to call police and suspend him. At a middle school a 3rd grade girl has been expelled for making notes and drawings depicting her impending shooting spree, and just today a local high school went on lock down with the news that there was a gun on the premises.
I don't think my heart can take it. Are we going to have to live in a world where every day now we hear of these things? Will I have to worry that my son could be shot at school? He's SIX for God's sake!  I have spent the last few days dragging around a heavy heart, which has been bad enough, but now I have fear too. Real fear that makes me catch my breath.


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