Ray LaMontagne Concert

Tonight we went to see Ray LaMontagne for Craig's birthday. He's one of our favourite singers and the show sold out fast so I was chuffed I got us good seats. He was great as always and he had a bassist who was amazing and an Irish girl called Lisa Halligan who was also a really good singer but when he and Lisa did harmonies.... errr, not so much. One of their duets was so bad she burst out laughing. I think that's why she did anyway. I'll have to read the review in the paper tomorrow to find out for sure.

He also chose really strange songs that aren't his most popular. One of them didn't even make it onto one of his albums he said. So, a weird choice of songs and a cringy set of duets with Lisa, but I love him nevertheless.

The very last song of the evening (during the encore) was one of my favourites: "Like Rock & Roll & Radio".  It almost makes me cry, it's such a sad song of how love endures (or doesn't) during a long relationship.


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