Danny's Concert

Danny (bottom left) and his friend Ryan (top left)
What a day! I have been awake since 5.15am (busy mind) and it was Danny's Christmas concert and party at school. He was nervous at first and cried a bit when we took him to his classroom but he came down the church aisle and stood at the front with all the other kids and he sang! It was such a sweet little performance by them all that I got choked up (of course). I captured a short video of one song and then Santa's visit in his classroom afterwards. He even sat on Santa's knee! How confident our little lad is becoming.

Next I took him to my work party then both boys and Craig helped set-up for the holiday shop at Jack's school tomorrow.

Tonight Craig went off  to buy a couple of gifts and we thought the boys were asleep but as he backed his truck up to the garage to unload them we saw a face peeking out from the bedroom window. What a pair of cheeky monkeys they are. The gifts are now hiding over at the neighbour's house.

Tomorrow I'll be working at Jack's school all day at the holiday shop. I love the holiday shop! It makes me feel good about the world.


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